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Eternal Flame by ildikoneer

Well, I’ve officially given up on the person who I thought I had feelings for… Well I did, but now I just don’t see anything going with it. So it’s best to drop it. Officially and finally. Two years gone to waste.

On the bright side of this… I feel like another person has lifted me from my delusional self and opened my eyes. I had met him on the way to Hawaii this summer… We’re facebook friends now, but sadly he LIVES in Hawaii. Right now he’s in Bangladesh for some government work. I can’t help but feel like I met him for a reason. I met him so unexpectedly and randomly too! We sat next to each other on the eight hour flight! Maybe it was fate. Who knows! He’s super nice and I’m glad to call him my friend! :) 

He has saved me from my never ending misery and I’m so glad. 

I hope I see him again in person one day! 


Laini Taylor, Dreams of Gods & Monsters

Bluebell (Campanula rotundifolia) (via Pinterest)

Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Today I was talking to my friend and we brought up *him*. She told me how she thought it was weird that he and I talk to each other a lot…

Then I began to realize. If she thinks it’s weird that we talk to each other a lot, how will people take it if we ever ( and by ever I mean possibly never) get together? Everyone would stop talking to me and he would get a bad reputation…

This always has to happen. The people I love dearly has a taboo for me to love them the way I want to. It hurts because of what society deems as “weird” “inappropriate”. If someone loves another let it be. It frustrates, upsets, angers, and tears me apart how society is toward who can love another.

It’s times like these where I think that maybe I shouldn’t talk to him, try to move on because society is a bitch and it’s not a perfect world.

What a shitty ass place we live in.

Again it was an up on the roller coaster. Today while I was on a very long car ride back to my city, we were conversing and telling each other’s secrets. 

Let’s just say that I want to tango with him very soon. 

It was a nice talk and tomorrow he heads out to another city to return something. He told me he was glad that I made it home safely. Just those words… Actually everything he says to me makes me smile. I wonder if he smiles the way I do when he sees my name on his phone. 

To end it all, it was a perfect day.


how do two people even get into a relationship, how is it that both people actually like each other instead of one just liking the other with the feelings not being requited? this is like complete fantasy to me